My entire life I have avoided sickness like the plague.  I’ve never had a broken bone, I’ve never had stitches, I’ve never had surgery, I’ve never fainted, I’ve never had a f-ing nosebleed.  I have a MASSIVE phobia of needles (and snakes).  Suffice it to say I’d rather be seasick af, forced to solve quadratic equations by a smelly man who drags his disgusting fingernails down the chalkboard through my calculations, while rocking on a viper infested dinghy than go to the doctor.  I really dislike going.  And I never do.


Without warning, the perfect health rug was violently ripped out from under my size 8 ½ wider than average Vans.

After consulting with my attorney, I am legally obligated to add:

WARNING:  reading the contents of this blog may cause such side effects as nausea, boredom, a sudden urge to throw yourself in front of a bus, animosity, migraine headaches, disgust, gas, indifference, bloating, repulsion, and who cares-itis.

14 thoughts on “Background

  1. Joselyn, Love this blog, how you create art (which is what a blog by Joselyn Miller will be) in the midst of your battle is a gift…to us. Thanks for starting this. I’m sure you are sick of being called a role model, but honestly, thank you! Love, Celia


  2. Joselyn – I am overwhelmed and deeply moved by your challenge. We had no idea you were facing such a battle. You are truly remarkable in so many ways and your approach to this ordeal is a testament to your character, sense of humor and strength. I happen to be O negative blood type – and as requested, extremely intelligent and good looking (ha!) – if you need my help, please don’t hesitate to reach me. All the HIllgrens send their love to you and your family – Nancy


  3. Still thinking of you daily<3. I really am in awe of your strength, sense of humor and wit! I'm afraid that confronted with same I would be more of a pill bug curled up in a silver ball and you are an exemplar to us all. I have been reading up on EF or "FEF"if you know what I mean 😉 and good news is that the prognosis is very good! :D. I also am O- and wanted to let you know. Sending love and hugs. Thank goodness for Jeef who brings us together! Here if you need anything. It's Miller time baby! Fight on!!!


  4. Hey Jos – I’m a silver lining kind of guy… no doubt this is some real bull dung you’re dealing with right now, but I am so grateful right now. I’m grateful that no matter how severe or how tough things get, you continue to make life a joy for all those around you. You’re humor and kind spirit inspire me daily. You’ve never asked for a handout and you’ve taken full advantage of each an every day your body was in peak performance. I’ve got no doubt that you will soon have a chance to perform as before, but in the meantime, at least your mind is getting ever sharper and your wit ever quicker. As far as I’m concerned, the only thing that will have lasting change is that you will be even more amazing then before (which we all thought was impossible). Much love and support!


  5. Joselyn,
    Great catching up at the FHS reunion, it reminded me of how wonderful you are.
    You are in my prayers and thoughts always, with love and hope
    Tory 🙂


  6. Thinking of you. only someone as strong as you could turn a (sorry for the language) shitty situation positive. Looking up to all the way from New York.

    Lisa Hayim


  7. Stacy, Elory, Elias, and I are sending you our “get well now” thoughts.

    After only reading a few of your posts, I see you have discovered your entertaining and talented writing self! Nice! Humor can lighten the heaviest of loads.

    Get better,


  8. Jos,
    Stacy, Elory, Elias and I are on sidelines cheering for the Miller Team to stomp out EF and AA by at least a field goal. Just trying to keep it light. You posts truly tell us all that…….. “Humor lightens the heaviest of loads.”

    Enjoy the bubble……….and 2, 4, 6, 8……….get better soon. Stacy is the cheer leader in our family, in case that was not apparent. Seriously, we are thinking about you and have faith that you are going to win this game.



  9. Joselyn,
    I am sitting here in front of the computer stunned. I am truly at a loss for words. Your strength and sense of humor in facing this evil disease is awe inspiring! I wanted to tell you that I have always been so impressed with your many talents…art, design, philanthropy and your amazing gift of making everyone around you feel special. Even in this terribly difficult time you are continuing to give hope, strength and even a few laughs to those who love you! Your life has been a gift to us all…and on that note…WE ALL NEED MORE!!! So I am praying and rooting for you…we are all gathering our strength to lift you up…YOU WILL WIN THIS BATTLE!!! You have so much more to share with us.
    With a heart full of prayers, MichelleMcCarter


  10. Just met you today at the BMT reunion. I have started reading your blog and WOW, It was such a pleasure meeting you and your family day. You brought a smile to my face and strength to keep doing what I am doing by placing people in the BTM Registry. My day was perfect because of you and your family. Thanks for adding some sunshine to my life today. Blessing..


  11. Joselyn
    I’m best friends of Judd Klinger.
    Like you I had a bone marrow issue leading to a transplant .
    In reading your story we share much in common
    Hope to meet you next time you visit Hawaii


    1. Hi Stan – Thanks for reaching out to me. I hope you are doing well after your transplant. I would look forward to meeting you and hearing about your health adventure! Aloha, Joselyn


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