Procedure Scoreboard


Keep up to date with the latest count on all my procedures!

(Aren’t you so totally stoked to have this info?)

Since May, 2012

Blood Test (Another F-ing Blood Test):  331

EKG: 5

Echocardiogram: 2

MRI: 4

EMG (muscle electricity needle test – fun!) : 1

Bone Marrow Biopsy (from hip bones): 4

Open Muscle Biopsy – left quadricep (never again!): 1

Solumedrol Infusion: 19

Chest X-ray: 9

IVIG (intravenous Immune Globulin) Infusion – (Thank you, Anthem Blue Cro$$): 5

Blood Transfusion: 101 – Red Blood Cell Transfusion: 47, Platelet Transfusion: 54

CT Scans:  Chest: 6  Pelvis: 2  Abdomen: 2  Head: 1

Upper Endoscopy: 1

Colonoscopy: 1

Esophagus Biopsy: 3

Stomach Biopsy: 3

Neupogen Injection (to stimulate my marrow to produce white blood cells (fail)): 27

Invanz Antibiotic Infusion: 1

Dexa Scan: 3

PICC Line Insertion (from my arm, through a vein, to my heart): 1

Meropenem Antibiotic Infusion: 22

Abelcet Antibiotic Infusion (“shake and bake” – fevered shaking during each 5 hour infusion): 7

Ancef Antibiotic Infusion: 1

Fortaz Antibiotic Infusion: 1

Magnesium Infusion: 31

PICC Line Port Change, Cleaning, Flushing and Dressing Change: 27

Bronchoscopy: 1

Lung Biopsy: 1

ATG Reaction Test: 1

Holter Heart Exam: 1

At-Home Antifungal IV Infusion: 12

Pulmonary Screening: 1

ALCAT test:  2

Kidney Function Test: 4

Chemotherapy: Cytoxan Infusion: 4, ATG Horse (not ass) Antibody Serum Infusion: 8

Bone Marrow Transplant: 1

Nasal Passage Test: 2

PICC line removal: 1

Schirmer Test: 1

Optic Lens Implant (Cataract Surgery): 2

Optic YAG Laser Capsulotomy: 2

Pills / Day: 17, down from 31

Oral Med Swishes / Day: 8

Topical Applications / Day: 4

Eye Drops/Day: 13

Nights Spent in the Hospital: 96

Post-Transplant Immunizations (starting from scratch, like an infant): 27

Blister Biopsy: 2

Acyclovir Infusion: 42

Lovenox Injection (in the abdomen)  (I call them Tummy Sticks à la Vince Vaughn): 5

Intraductal Meibomian Gland Probing (both eyes): 1

Lipiflow heat and pressure procedure for eyes: 1

Total Pokes: 361 (my PICC line avoided several hundred pokes)

6 thoughts on “Procedure Scoreboard

  1. Just so you feel a part of the in crowd, I take 15 pills a day and have for over 8 years. However, this is less than I took before, so there is always the hope that you will need to take less in the future~


  2. “Have only positive expectations” could be the one and only NYLESOJ
    The license plate, i spent years deciphering
    May God Bless you and every cell in your little body


  3. Hi my Dear Jos i now this is hart tame for you and your family , both I proud of you and to recover soon you”r the big FIGHT ON !!!! post: I have to had two rooms ready wan you came home one for you another for yip pip!!!!! the horse???? ji ji ji Love Love unconditional .. you friend,, Dorita!!!! always to pray!!!!


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