Be the life of the party and throw these beauties into your conversation!

A bonus point if you guess which one matches the photo.


HOPE – Have Only Positive Expectations

AFBT – Another F-ing Blood Test

PAB – Prednisone’s A Bitch

FUSUOLS – F-ed Up Super Ugly Old Lady Skin

OMP – One More Poke

IHNFP – I Have No F-ing Platelets

HAFH – Hoag Away From Home

S!IDHED – Sh*t! I Don’t Have Enough Doctors

LSIOMAT – Let’s Squeeze In One More Appointment Today

ILLFRMT – It Looks Like Frankenstein Ravaged My Thigh

BIOTP – Blame It On The Prednisone

HUAH – Hooked Up At Hoag

INPEP – I’m Not Popping Enough Pills

HAFATS – Hematomas Are Fugly And They Suck

NSHLAMFAANFP – Neupogen Shots Hurt Like A Mo Fo And Are Not For Pussies

PLABA – PICC Lines Are Bad Ass

KANPSB – Kick Ass Negative Pressure Sterile Bubble

TPMNAAFAHNAA – They Promised My New Antibodies Are From A Horse, Not An Ass

ABFHDB – A Bacteria Free Hospital Diet Blows

BOTFUC – Bring On The F-ed Up Complications

DPPP – Dr. P’s Pee Pill

IBMWBC – I Blutarsky-ed My White Blood Cells

AINHA – And I’m Not Horsing Around

NTIFTBDAT-NSA – Night Time Is For Tests, Blood Draws And Transfusions – No Sleeping Allowed

IHFATEOML – I Have Footballs At The Ends Of My Legs

MTAPFUFTC – My Teeth Are Pretty F-ed Up From The Chemo

GVHPMBOTPPT – Graft Vs. Host Has Put Me Back On The Prednisone Party Train

THSIOOC – The Hair Situation Is Out Of Control

TOTC – Tools Of Terror Cart

CBIART – Chemo Brain Is A Real Thing

MNILTCCABB – Maybe Now I’ll Lose The Chipmunk Cheekery And Buddha Bellyness

WTFEDINTK? – What The F Else Do I Need To Know?

FUFAF – F’ed Up, Festering And Fugly

TDVPHCCIBP – The Dreaded Vitamin P Has Caused Cataracts In Both Peepers

SBR – Sochi Bathroom Rules

SUTHMAPAB – Stop Using The Harsh Meds And Pop A Benadryl

WTFIAC? – What The F Is A Chimera?

MEWZWA”FLB” – My Eyes Were Zapped With A “Frickin Laser Beam”

radass – rad + badass

prick – pre + sick

SEPDALS – Stupendously Excellent Potential Donor And Life Saver

COHCP – City Of Hope Combo Pack

YOLT – You Only Live Twice

shituation – shit + situation

AFBS – Another F-ing Booster Shot

ASY – Always Say Yes

bronor – brother + donor

AFTS – Another F-ing Tummy Stick

MWAW – My Woes Are Wee

MAT – Middle Aged Toddler

6 thoughts on “Lingo

  1. As team Joselyn is about to undertake another week of AFBT (or 3), time HUAH with the nice nurses there admiring her ILLFRMT and FUSUOLS while we discuss LSIOMAT as they admisister OMP. As we ride the roller coaster of Enosiliphilic Fasciitis, we are reminded that PAB so we can BIOTP as we we experience the valleys of this brutal disease. Since Jos’ immunity system is compromised, she has limited contact with others so we are fortunate for her social life that she can experience SIDHED.


    1. My Bro
      I would like to say how wonderful and on top of it you have been.Kicking it in big time.I know how much you love Jos and ‘You are the man” Its been tough on you seeing her go through this and your strength and commitment are admirable…. When the going gets tough thats when true character shines..
      I love you,


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