My Team


I don’t know how to ever thank the following people for carrying me through this journey.  They have gone way above and beyond anything I could ever expect.  There are so many others who are showing such love and support – it’s overwhelming!  Thanks to everyone who has reached out to me!!!


TODD – captain, chef (awesome meals daily), chauffeur (extremely cautious driving due to platelet-challenged cargo), medical advocate (each appointment he comes prepared with a long list of questions), medical appointment secretary (making up to 4 appointments a day), medication coordinator (making certain all medications are taken when due – 16 doses per day), medical communications chair (making sure all members of the team are up to date via email, text, and voicemail), marketing manager (all market runs – he now knows where the most obscure items are found at Trader Joe’s and Pavilions, Laguna Beach.)  Daily visits to the Bubble.

REX – chauffeur (extremely cautious driving due to platelet-challenged cargo), prescription pick up (on a moment’s notice), wheelchair rental management (securing the purple one (!) so I could attend his Orientation Day at USC), will visit the Bubble when he is fully recovered from non-stop fraternity late nights.

MYCHAELA – love and support from Los Angeles each and every day, with several visits to the Bubble each week.

MOM and DAD – lunch delivery, dinner delivery, dessert delivery, couch project delivery, book delivery, magazine delivery, flower delivery, love delivery, daily Bubble visits.

MARY – super supporter bar none (daily check-ins), communications director for friends and family, delivery of unreal edible and non-edible goodies, willing to do absolutely anything for me.

LEASON – super duper loving brother who, without hesitation, donated his bone marrow to save my life!

ERIN – over-the-top card sender, lifting my spirits with DAILY cards for over a year!

LAURA – daily inspirational quotes posted to my Facebook page to keep me focused on the positive!


1.  DR. C – medical team quarterback for Newport Beach docs, internist

2.  DR. H – rheumatologist, diagnostic team for Eosinophilic Fasciitis

3.  DR. M1 – infectious disease specialist, diagnostic team for Eosinophilic Fasciitis

4.  DR. G1 – neurologist, diagnostic team for Eosinophilic Fasciitis

5.  DR. S1 – oncologist/hematologist, treatment of Eosinophilic Fasciitis, early treatment of Severe Aplastic Anemia

6.  DR. B  – cardiologist, consultant for heart-related complications

7.  DR. S2 – surgeon, quadricep biopsy surgery

8.  DR A1 – oncologist/hematologist, treatment of Eosinophilic Fasciitis, early treatment of Severe Aplastic Anemia

9.  DR. W – rheumatologist, consultant for Eosinophilic Fasciitis

10.  DR. M2 – gastroenterologist, consultant for internal bleeding, endoscopy and colonoscopy

11.  DR. P – team captain – pre transplant, hematologist/cell transplantation

12.  DR. F – team captain – post transplant, hematologist/department head

13.  DR. D – infectious disease specialist, inpatient side effects

14.  DR. Y – cardiologist, inpatient heart complications

15.  DR. A2 – hematologist, inpatient team

16.  DR. R – hematologist, inpatient team

17.  DR. G2 – hematologist, inpatient team

18.  DR. J – dermatologist, Graft vs. Host skin involvement

19.  DR. S3 – ophthalmologist, Graft vs. Host eye involvement

20.  DR. I – ophthalmologist, cataracts, Graft vs. Host eye involvement

21.  DR. K1 – ophthalmologist, cataract surgeries, Graft vs. Host eye involvement

22.  DR. K2 – ophthalmologist, allergic reaction complications

23.  DR. O – ophthalmologist, allergic reaction complications

24.  DR. G3 – anesthesiologist for cataract surgery #1

25.  DR. S4 – anesthesiologist for cataract surgery #2

26.  DR. S5 – family medicine, nutrition expert

27.  DR. S6 – optometrist for glasses during vision adjustment phase

28.  DR. A3 – hematologist, inpatient rounds during shingles outbreak

29.  DR. R2 – ophthalmologist, intraductal meibomian gland probing

30.  DR. G4 – ophthalmologist, advanced potential treatments

31.  DR. F2 – otolaryngologist (what?!), sinus mass diagnosis

32.  DR. C2 – periodontist, sinus mass diagnosis, dental root involvement


Denise, both Karens, Danielle, June, Cindy, Jean, Ashley, Karan, Sheila, Larry, Becky, Kim, Mary Lou, Esmeralda, Ruth and all the others!


Helford Hospital 5th floor:  Steph, Esther, Jackie, Cathy, Rose, Eudie, Joanna, Mary, Sarah, Ana Maria, Alfredo, Fredi, Margaret, Eden, Reana, Margarita, Dalia, Riza, Mini, Carrie, Tyrone, Marisa, Johnny, Wendy, Holly, Lisa, Susie, June, Mary May, Patricia, Tiffany, Erika, Cristina, Kathy, Anna and all the others.

Helford Hospital 6th floor:  Michelle, Lisa, Sara, Roberta, Fredi, Mary, Emily, Marie, Josetta, Amanda, Melanie, Glenda.

Ventricular Access Device Blood and Transfusion Dept.:  Holly, Wendy, Amethyst, Susan, Marenette, Cecile and all the others.

Oncology/Hematology Clinic:  Mindy, Corey, Sylvia, Martin, Lynn, Brianna, Joyce, Anna, Christina, Sallie, Michelle, Martha, Yolanda, Allison, Alma, Eric, Cynthia, Leslie, Marie, Surime, Emily Jo, Beverly and all the rest.

Main Lab:  Patty, Jessica, Jamie, Silvia, Honey Ly, Paul, Jenny, Andrea, Luis, Flor, Nicci and all the others.

Appointment team:  Mercedes, Annie, Danielle, Francisco, Marlene, Maila, Chelcee, Wendy, Laura, Danny, Nancy, Kelly and Pilar.

Paitent Services:  Naomi, Danny, Yolanda, Donna, Lupe, Monica, Amy, Nicole and all the others.

Evaluation and Treatment Center:  Gladys


Tiffany, Khan, Lizbeth, Becky and Briana.


I have been able to trust and lean on these amazing professionals.  Their care is superb!

11 thoughts on “My Team

  1. Wow there is nothing funny about this disease but you are one witty woman. We felt guilty laughing at your situation. Behind all that humor is a ton of courage. We are pulling for you. pete and cookie


  2. Hi Joselyn…Robby Perry was over for dinner last night and asked if we had been reading your blog and I said what? And he told us — saying it was the most amazing thing he had ever read. He was nearly speechless, but I am hearing him and trying to digest it and I was thinking “WTF!?” Seeing you sprinkle the same sentiment so liberally throughout your amazing, shattering and life-affirming blog — well it sure describes it. You turned WTF into a powerful testimony for the power of humor and resilience. We also immediately pictured Todd supporting you with single-minded purpose, exactly in the ways you described. He is definately the man to have in your corner! I am glad to see you have so many friends and family who support you and love you. You can now add our family to the list of those sending their thoughts and prayers of healing and light into your poked and swollen but always beautiful body and radiant soul. We send our love Joselyn…


  3. We are all rooting for you. What a great team to have on your side. Just wanted to know you we all care and wish the best for you.
    Cheers, Jim and Judy Montgomery


  4. Thinking of you and sending our most positive thoughts and prayers from the Great White North!! Hugs to you and your family!


  5. Joselyn, we all love you sooo much and are always thinking about you. You have such a strong support system because you have always been there for everyone else. You are so strong and you will beat this!! Praying for you everyday and cheering you on from the sidelines just like you did for us all those years! i love you!


  6. Joselyn…..Will be rooting for you December the fourteenth….Love the caroling….even saw Patti and Julie Inman. Quite a crowd of well wishers.
    Cheers to you…fondly, Judy


  7. Joselyn, You have a team of people rooting for you from Colorado. Some who you have never met, but have fought this battle and won. Just like you will! Our hearts are with you.


  8. Although your dental team is left to root for you from the sideline, we’re here. Sending wishes of love, encouragement and support. Look forward to that beautiful smile and wonderful stories of adventure, gracing our office again.


  9. You are a true inspiration to many and I am so happy that we are both a part of City of Hope, brought here for very different reasons. I have seen you from the beginning of your illness and watched you fight and conquer this disease. I have truly enjoyed being a part of your journey here and watch you get stronger and better each day. Sending nothing but the best to you and everyone fighting this disease. ❤


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