Calculation Errors, Beach Trends & The Jeffersons

Now, about that March 17 date:  

Let me start by stating that my husband, Todd is very smart.  Annoyingly smart.  We’re talking all A’s at Corona del Mar H.S., and only one with a “-” mark following it (he’s still quite pissed off about that).  He had his choice of any school in the nation, but came to his senses and chose the University of Super Cool 🙂  But I digress.  When Todd was figuring out my Day 100, he counted from my first day of chemo, not from the day of my transplant.  Honest miscalculation, right?  So, my official Day 100 is March 24.   St. Paddy’s Day will start the one week countdown 🙂  

For me, this day will probably not involve Irish Car Bombs, Kamikazes, Hop Skip and Go Nakeds, Half-Man Half-Wits (no offense, Todd), Hair of the Mongoose, Green Fairies, Black Martinis or Death in the Afternoons.  This day marks a milestone as far as a lesser chance of developing Graft vs. Host Disease.  On this day, Dr. F (loving his initial!) will determine which restrictions will be lifted or lightened, depending on how I am doing.  Most bone marrow transplant patients go back to work after 6-9 months post transplant, although Robin Roberts jumped the gun AND was out pressing flesh with the masses in Times Square!  Yikes!


Now I’m going to let you in on a fashion trend secret!  For the summer of 2013, the must-have item is the surgical mask!  All the beach bunnies in the know will be sporting them.  They are flying off the shelves, so you better invest in yours NOW!  I have been test marketing them on Emerald Bay Beach, and I’m getting a f-ing huge response!  They’re great at fogging up your shades, too, so you can really go incognito.  Come on, get your sh*t together and get your mask ~ summer is coming soon! Photo courtesy of Craig ‘The Kid’ Crawley.


Remember how I described the unreal activities my parents organized for my looooooong hospital stay?  Each day, they drove to Duarte to see me and play this game, which was beautifully displayed on the wall of my bubble.  The nurses and doctors were astounded.  Well, I am now the new, proud owner of a bracelet, dripping with charms, each of which have a personal meaning to me.  Among them are:  a gymnastics girl (my sport of choice when I was a youngster), a crate of oranges (my family roots include 5 generations in the city of Orange, including my great-grandfather, who grew oranges and was manager of the packing house), a witch on a broomstick (I’m still terrified of the one from the Wizard of Oz – we’re talking serious psych issues), an arrow (the symbol of my beloved sorority Pi Phi), a dress form (I love to design clothes), a backpack (representing my mountain climbing expeditions), a passport (duh!), and a swimmer, a biker and a runner (for the triathlons I have done).  I had to undergo rigorous guessing games, with a Dilaudid (heavy pain med)-demented brain, mind you, to earn each one of those little f-ers 🙂


Another part to this game was the numbering of the days I stayed in the hospital after my transplant.  Each day I was presented with a silver number, and those numbers now make up my favorite necklace!

Today’s update from my visit to COH:  all my counts are movin’ on up, just like George and Weezy 🙂

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I am a survivor of two extremely rare diseases, thanks to over 100 blood transfusions and ultimately, a bone marrow transplant. My blog,, chronicles my adventures through medical offices, operating rooms, clinics, transfusion centers, hospital transplant floors, victory celebrations, and finally my bucket list items – all with a humorous and sometimes profane twist. My goal is to inspire others not to give up on life or anything else, and to understand that it’s actually possible to enjoy any experience, even battling a life-threatening illness (or two).

35 thoughts on “Calculation Errors, Beach Trends & The Jeffersons

  1. Love that those numbers keep climbing! Got the toothbrushes and will take to Randi next weekend! Do they make masks in different colors to go with all your cute bikinis!? 😄💓


  2. I love love love it when I see that you have written on your blog! I also was so excited when I saw you and Todd drive by yesterday! Great to have you back in the hood! Keep up the good reports, it is just what the doctor ordered – for you, your family and your friends!!!
    love you!


  3. Jos,

    You are hysterical and one of huge benefits of the mask is that it will provide excellent sunblock, too! We will keep praying and thanks for the update on the countdown for day 100! Hope to see you on the beach sporting one of your cool masks. Love you and yes, Todd is brilliant especially because he married you!!!

    Xoxo Gretchen and Dick


  4. Great to hear you are improving quickly! Although, my guess is it doesn’t feel “quickly” to you! Keep those numbers rising!


  5. Whenever I see your blog pop up I read it immediately. And especially happy to read things are continuing in the right direction a’la The Jeffersons. You are so witty, reflective, informative and educational simultaneously. “The Smarts” are clearly a family trait of the Millers. And as to the recalculated 100th day – I strongly believe in the policy of never doing math in public. So empathetic to this error. And it seems obvious where this is heading – you will create super cool designer surgery masks. We want in on investing in that company!
    Stay strong! Love, The Singers


  6. Amazing!! What a beautiful necklace. So happy everything is on track for such an angel who was sent from heaven!!

    Melissa Corrigan


  7. Keep blogging! Todd is forgiven. He still looks smart! You are one cool cookie Jos! You inspire us all! l will join in with the ‘mask movement’ here in Vail. I know Linsey and Tiger will love it!




  8. This is KK – a fan of yours and Hoag nurse…so inspired by you! Praying for your continued recovery and amazing story that you share so beautifully!


  9. Keep the good news coming. That number necklace will be full soon. We are so happy to see things going your way. You guys are champs.


  10. Keep those counts going up girl – it is great to hear about your progress. This morning when I was going out for a run Carolee asked me if I had a mask. I have a supply when I do dirty work, so I gave her one to wear on her walk – she walks while I run. So your mask fashion has spread clear up to Davis. I’ll send you a pic so you can compare styles. Hers has double bright yellow bands – quite becoming. Thanks for keeping us up to date – we love getting the good news and to see you out of the bubble and on the beach with Todd. Love you, Lynn and Carolee


  11. I let out a screech when I realized it was you and Todd diving by this week. Thrilled to exchange waves of hello! Sending BIG smackers 🙂 Jeri


  12. Way to go, Jos! So happy you are making great progress! You are so blessed to have such a wonderful husband, children and family. Sure makes you appreciate where you came from and how fortunate you are. Yes, I know, many would say you’ve had a bad run of luck but you and I know what you’ve gained from this experience and it is so worth it. Even though the food has totally sucked! Your blog shows everyone how resilient the human spirit is and how a good heart trumps everything~XO


  13. That’s what we want to hear! When you do have your “bust out” bash, let’s get everyone in surgical masks with their names on them. New kind of name tag. Then the ceremonial “tossing o’ the trash”, and the big reveal! So happy to see you so strong and determined. Let’s hear it for the power of jewelry. Go Jos.


  14. So happy that all is looking up ….I give you and the fam the creativity award….I can agree on Todd’s ability to out genius some of the brightest..Can’t wait for St Patricks Day..Sending you love and big hugs …Love you so much,
    Jennifer, Chanel, Trent , Weston and Savannah …xoxoxoxo


  15. Hazzah! You deserve everything ‘deluxe and you finally get a piece of the pie!’
    This year Old St. Paddy will have to drive the snakes OUT first and then turn his attention to driving UP your good blood cells.
    It’s a trial but that guys a saint, he can do it!
    Love to hear all of this!!!


  16. I love your sense of humor. You and your family are an amazing bunch. I will keep praying for you and hope to see you in the near future. Much love, Sondra Millard


  17. Do the masks come in any other colors and/or patterns other than hospital blue?? L5 would love a pack of camo masks for his BD…


  18. I’ve been thinking about the mask sitch…if it really is the must have accessory of the summer, we need to get out our bedazzlers. I’m serious. This could be the next BIG thing. Then, once that has run its course, we license the masks to Louis Vuitton, Hermes or Gucci. And then, voila! It’s nothing but champagne wishes and caviar dreams, baby! Seeing as it was your idea, I’m willing to go 50/50 with you. I’ll have my attorneys draw something up. This is going to be HUGE in China!! I see Kate Upton in nothing but a bedazzled mask…who isn’t going to buy that?!?!? Don’t worry…I’m on it.


  19. Great news on your numbers and your new fashion accessory is already a hit in China! For a little variety, ask your dad if you can borrow his mascara de loro.


  20. Hi Joselyn, We had lunch with your Dad last week and he described your charms and necklace. They are beautiful, thank you for the photos. Also, thanks for ‘The Mask’. It will work wonders when sleeping on the beach and the drool starts trickling from the side of my mouth.


  21. March 24 is the new day..yeah! Arrows are my favorite too. The number necklace is the bomb. Get L5 the camo masks for his BD…it’s the least you can do for your Bro! Movin’ on up… is the way to go and your new theme song!


  22. My darling Jos and Toady: It is thrilling that your next milestone on March 24th is almost here. That is “Palm Sunday” and so everyone will be waving palms and laying them on the ground for you to walk on with cheers of joy as you enter Jeruselem….and the promised land you have fought for with all your might. Oh, dear one, you have made it…. almost. Keep steady, as I know you will, until you cross the finish line. But it is exciting…. so exciting… for all of us who have followed your difficult journey that, at long last is coming to an end. I am so proud and so relieved…. so so relieved, thankful, humbled and thrilled. You mention your Grandpa Finley…. what a man he was and a wonderful model for your Dad and his brothers his whole life. I knew him and remember him and Grandma Finley… (name??)…. Wonderful Americans and you have a right to be very proud. Remember, Joselyn that your Grandpa Obert Egerer also grew the most beautiful navel oranges on the “Las Palmas Citrus Ranch” on 200 East Las Palmas Drive in Fullerton. (I am sending you a letterhead from stationery we had) I don’t know for sure but maybe both of your Grandfathers, at least had heard of one another through the orange business!! I know my Dad used The “Eddington Packing House” in Fullerton to send his beautiful oranges for distribution! Your necklaces will be a treasure forever. The real treasure is YOU and the sigh of relief and the story you will tell for the rest of your life. The devotion and love from Todd, your brother and brave family will be the treasure…. Just “guting it out”… Your legacy…..The fight is almost over. May I wish you and your family a joyous, Happy Easter. Remember celebrating this feast of renewal and hope comes just as you will celebrate your victory. We will have a baseball game to begin with then, everyone will change into Easter finery (in many bathrooms here!) followed by cocktails, Easter Egg Hunt and dinner at St. Anne’s. The nuns replaced the broken stove with a new one for the Resident’s Kitchen!! So…… wow…. now I HAVE TO COOK!! I just remembered the old phrase…. be careful what you ask for!! Brian and Milly will have to loan me all my French knives and equipment (pots) etc. I gave them!! Just for fun and (your French review also!) MENU: Mousselines de poisson a la marechale…. vin: Graves or Traminer Selle d’Agneau rotie Persillade ….. vin: Bourdeaux, Medoc Fromages: Bucheron, (goat) Explorateur, (cow) Bleu de Bresse ?? dessert: “Chocolate cake” that Olivia and her pre-Brownie troop were given a project receipe to cook. (remember our trip to Paris??? and the “Bonaparte Bees” ??) Forward this note to Chona II. I know they are on a driving trip, at last and recovering from your Dad’s ordeal….. So happy for them…. good news. my love, my esteem, my relief! Auntie Char

    Date: Fri, 1 Mar 2013 00:20:32 +0000 To:


  23. Thrilled to have a Jos and Todd siting too! Such beautiful smiles beaming from the two of you… Your amazing together .
    Love you both


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