Shoulda Seen the Other Chick

The St. Paddy’s Rumble (Version 1)

And she’s like, “Yo, bitch…”  And I’m like, “I beg your pardon, but I don’t appreciate language like that.”  (I know, you’re calling bs)  And she’s like, “You have 16 items in your cart and this is an express check out.  15 items or less.”  And I’m like, “And just what are you going to do about it?  Huh?”  And she’s like, “This!”  And she threw a frozen corned beef in my face.   And I was like, “Ow.”  And she was like, “Ow,” when I pinched her really hard.  (As far as I could see, she wasn’t wearing green.)  And then she started crying and ran away.  Yo, Adrian!

Yo Adrian!

Version 2

As many of you have unfortunately witnessed, my eyes have been teetering on the edge of hideousness for quite some time now.  The ole Graft vs. Host has settled in there and wreaked a little havoc.  Dr. F has been tapering my Tacrolimus recently, which has been great, because I want to get off my immune suppressant meds and:  1. let my new system set up shop in my bod, and 2. get me to the childhood vaccine phase of this transplant party which will protect me from young urchins worldwide.  As my immune system is becoming more and more able to work on its own, it’s hating on some drug I’ve been putting in/on my eyes in an attempt to lessen the GvH.  While I was on stronger doses of immune suppressants, my immune system really didn’t give a sh*t; it wasn’t strong enough to put up a fight.  It all blew up like an Irish car bomb on St. Paddy’s Day, when I slathered some ointment on my eyelids to try to calm down what I thought was a GvH flareup.  Low and behold, the next top o’ the mornin’, this frightening creature, above, was in my bathroom!  I swear I saw it with my own 1 and 1/8 eyes!  I emailed Dr. F and attached this pic of the monster.  He told me to see my ophthalmologist immediately, because it was something other than GvH.  I saw 2 ophthalmologists (Dr. K1 and Dr. K2), because I’m an overachiever, and this is what they determined:  I was having a severe allergic reaction to something I was putting in/on my eyes to make my severe allergic reaction less severe.  Wait.  What?   I was having a severe allergic reaction to something I was putting in/on my eyes to make my severe allergic reaction less severe.  In other words:  SUTHMAPAB – Stop Using The Harsh Meds And Pop A Benadryl.  My eyes have been responding nicely and it was great news that I didn’t have an inf*ction or advanced GvH!  Todd thinks I look like a prize fighter.


Lidsville Intro

I’m thinking of auditioning my lids for a part in the upcoming remake of the most nightmare-inducing television show of the 70’s ~ Lidsville.


Pot of gold


Instead of having my first cataract surgery next week, as it was scheduled, I will go in to have my eyes rechecked and then hopefully get some new surgery dates on the books.  Just another little bump in the rainbow to finding my pot of gold.

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I am a survivor of two extremely rare diseases, thanks to over 100 blood transfusions and ultimately, a bone marrow transplant. My blog,, chronicles my adventures through medical offices, operating rooms, clinics, transfusion centers, hospital transplant floors, victory celebrations, and finally my bucket list items – all with a humorous and sometimes profane twist. My goal is to inspire others not to give up on life or anything else, and to understand that it’s actually possible to enjoy any experience, even battling a life-threatening illness (or two).

37 thoughts on “Shoulda Seen the Other Chick

  1. So sorry you are going through this! Hope it resolves fast. Once again, you are doing it with such grace and inspiration to us all. You are in my prayers and thoughts always. Oh and on the upside- your teeth look gorgeous!


  2. You are truly amazing…! Your strength and sense of humor with all that is thrown your way is parallel to your beauty. Very few can pull off being the chicest gal at a St. Pats party while dealing with trevi fountain eyes…as always…applause!!!


  3. Jos, You are one tough lady going through this with such a great beautiful attitude and smile. Loving you…Carolee


  4. I was really kind of hoping Version 1 was the real story! Poor baby ~ my eye hurts for your eye. The irony of the healing medication being the cause of the infection – I mean really???!!! Love, love, love your attitude and sense of humor and the green St. Patty’s polish rocks by the way. Much love and luck of the Irish to you wee lass.


  5. I think you are on to a new eyeshadow color. I can see it now…. you are the featured model in Allure’s “Sexy Smoldering Eyes for Spring” article. Seriously, I hope the Benadryl does wonders and you are feeling better. Way to keep that smile and humor. XO, The Singers


  6. Hey Jos what a photo. You do look like a winning prize fighter. I hope this reaction clears up quickly. Sending you lots of love and hugs.


  7. Well I must say Lidsville was one of my favorite Saturday morning cartoons growing up…but I don’t like the look of the Lids on your eyes 😦 . Darn it girl can’t someone throw you a bone? Thinking of you and hoping you get in for cataract surgery sooner than later! Your Lidsville Pal, jae


  8. For a second I believed you really had a fight! I should have known better! You are a great inspiration for mw! Positive Thinking at its best!


  9. I agree with Todd Jos, you DO look like a prizefighter, but that is because you ARE a prizefighter – you know, like I look like Mr. Pomeroy, because I am Mr. Pomeroy. You are incredible. Suffering from one malady to the next and keeping your spirits up with your amazing sense of humor. We all love you and only wish to see you completely free of these irritations. Love, Lynn and Carolee


  10. Hi Jos: We were so sorry to hear about the latest bump in the road, but that is all it is. You will get over it and move on just like you’ve done with every other bump in the road. You are such a trooper, Jos, and that is why you are everyone’s hero. Never in a million years did we think that little girl in braids would be such an inspiration to everyone. We love you so much, Jos, and hope this eye problem gets resolved quickly so you can have the surgery soon. We think of you often. Take care, and keep smiling that beautiful smile of yours. You are still just as georgous as ever, you know. Love, Aunt Wendy and Uncle John


  11. OUCH! And ENOUGH already! Soooooo sorry that this had to happen too. Glad to hear that the Benny’s are doing their thang! Continue to improve, think about you all the time. Love Vacco


  12. Dear Jos. Yikes but I add my thanks to K1 and K2 for moving your treatment forward. and I too say f**k you to GvH and yes, I’ll take allergic to the anti allergy meds any day! for now the eyes have it !! You are a fighter, both as in “prize” and otherwise.


  13. Hi Jos,

    Very funny but also very scary! Next time just steal all the groceries. That is what I do. You avoid all lines. I’m thinking positive thoughts your way! Please say hi to Todd and the leprechaun! Love, Lucas


  14. Yikes! Hope this goes away quickly. I know a lot of friends are suffering from allergies now but you take the prize! Cheryll McDowell


  15. More after I thought about it…. I have fought skin allergies on my face , eyes and scalp for 40 years. I have found that the less expensive the product, the less additives are in it. I only use Baby oil for eye make up removal, Neutrogena Original formula, fragrance free for a face soap and I can’t use foundation etc. but can use most Revlon or Cover Girl lip & cheek colors. Had to give up even trying new fun lines that promised the world. But no more Prednisone 🙂 Hope all else is well Jos!! Cheryll Mc


  16. It’s always something with you! Tell your Docs it is time to have nothing to say!!! We want you all beautiful again and not looking like a prize fighter!!! BTW, is that Peter Brady in the Lidsville clip?


  17. Move like a butterfly and sting like a bee girlfriend! Funny one!!!
    Glad it’s not so serious. Keep goin’ for the gold!


  18. Well I saw this thing coming outta the sky, It had one long horn & one big eye
    I commenced to shakin’ & I said OO-WEE
    It looks like a one eyed, one horned flying purple people eater…It sure looks good to me! Wop bop a lula, Wop bam boom! Jos rocks an eye like nobody can!

    This too shall pass, my love! YOU can do ANYTHING!!!!

    Sending love for a speed-eye recovery!

    Maggie & Jon


  19. Holy cow! I thought you had the surgery when I saw the pic! How much more can you take? I’m sure you would rather have tearing eyes any day. Our best wishes for a quick recovery and great cataract surgery!


  20. Joselyn:

    My dear brave girl. You are slowly but surely getting better . The picture was absolutely horrid to see…

    We all follow directions big time and depend on our doctors …. They are not infallible and be thankful you are able to talk with them to not do more harm…

    I cry, Sweetheart at what you have been through with such bravery and courage….

    Things are getting better…. Just think about your trip to Paris coming up, your darling Toady, your fambly and friends who love and follow your recovery…

    You are blessed and meant to live on.

    Auntie Char

    Date: Fri, 21 Mar 2014 17:45:07 +0000 To:


  21. Well, that stunning smile of yours … a winner’s smile, as you will be victorious!!
    Some good ol’ Irish luck is coming your way!


  22. Jos,

    I love the Lidsville music!!!! I can’t believe that the MEDICINE was making your eyes worse. Keep us posted on if and when you will have your surgery. We are praying as always and love you!

    Xoxo Gretchen and Dick
    Gretchen Miller
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    Corona Del Mar, CA 92625
    949-813-6122 cell
    949-760-4013 work
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  23. I was so sorry to hear of the postponement! But your doctors know best… I hope that that thing settles down soon so that you can move forward!!! It was great “seeing” on St. Patty’s Day!


  24. Wow Jos!
    Not such a great ad for your eye doc, but your smile and teeth look fantastic.
    Crop them for Global Grins!
    erin ob


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