I’ll Take “WTF” for 400, Alex

jeop-ard-y (jep-er-dee):  peril or danger

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2-36 Jeopardy! (Main Theme)


Answer:  All of the overwhelming love and support from my family and friends

Question:  How have I made it through this brawl thus far?


Answer:  My Daddy (Leason Pomeroy III)CIMG2612_2

Question:  Whom did I visit after my City of Hope appointments on Thursday, right down the hall in his recovery room after having his prostate yanked?  (He’s home and kicking ass with his recovery) 🙂


Answer:  99.75%images-1

Question:  What percent of my brother/donor (Leason Pomeroy IV) am I now?  (Dr. F said after rebooting my DNA, we are now virtually twins!  He also said a little quieter, “You could go on a crime spree and pin it on him” 🙂


Answer:  Todd Miller20100720_FAMILY_PORTRAIT_0049_3

Question:  Who is the BEST caregiver ever?  (He manages all appointments, prescriptions, insurance, marketing, correspondence, fluid intake, driving, household sterilization, etc.)


Answer:  55

Question:  How many days has it been since my bone marrow transplant?


Answer:  Tie between salad and sushiimages

Question:  Which food do I miss the most on this f-ed up low bacteria diet?


Answer:  My Mom (Marlene Pomeroy)DSCN2021

Question:  Who gives the most kick ass foot massage on earth?  (She routinely gave me heavenly 3-4 hour foot massages (with gloves) while I was in my COH bubble.)


Answer:  A 9-volt batteryUnknown

Question:  What is the current size of my thigh hematoma?  (As compared to the baseball sized mass I sported for the past 8 months)


Answer:  My lower eyelashes

Question:  What have changed direction and are now growing into my eyeballs?


Anwser:  marrow.orgimages-2

Question:  How can one learn more about becoming a life saving bone marrow donor?


Answer:  My f-ing left knee

Question:  What is still totally numb, after my thigh muscle biopsy mishap in May, causing occasional loss of stability/balance?


Answer:  Glad Press ‘n Seal WrapUnknown-1

Question:  What is the miracle product that allows me to take a shower without getting my PICC line wet and infected?


Answer:  One of my most annoying side effects

Question:  What is a hair in the back of my throat that would not go away?  (It has just now disappeared, but for weeks, I was like, “OK, you little f-er, up or down – your choice.”)  (Originally I wrote, ” Spit or Swallow,” but that just didn’t sound appropriate.)


Answer:   One year after my transplantimages-3

Question:  When will I be re-immunized with every shot I’ve ever had in my entire life?  (They were all wiped out when my immune system was destroyed by chemo.)


Answer:  A single renegade ultra thin hair sprouting from the upper right arm that would grow forever if left alone

Question:  What is one of the weirdest commonalities between my brother and me?  (These matching hairs have been there for years.)


Just to clear up any confusion from my previous post:

My brother is completely healed after his bone marrow harvest, with his original butt crack as the only crack on his backside 🙂  Sorry if I caused any alarm!

Reality check:

While at my last appointment at City of Hope, we ran into the wife of one of my fellow 6th floor transplant patients.  (As soon as I was allowed to get out of my bubble and take masked and gloved walks around the nurses’ station, we would see her and chat about the progress her husband and I were making.)  She told us on Thursday that her husband has decided to give up his fight.  He’s had 2 transplants that have not worked, and he has a fungal infection in his lung (as did I), and he’s just not up for battling any more.  He has asked to have all of his meds (except painkillers) stopped.  This news hits me hard.  I feel so horrible for them.  They are the nicest people!

I am so very, very lucky – it could have been me.

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I am a survivor of two extremely rare diseases, thanks to over 100 blood transfusions and ultimately, a bone marrow transplant. My blog, joselynsbrawl.com, chronicles my adventures through medical offices, operating rooms, clinics, transfusion centers, hospital transplant floors, victory celebrations, and finally my bucket list items – all with a humorous and sometimes profane twist. My goal is to inspire others not to give up on life or anything else, and to understand that it’s actually possible to enjoy any experience, even battling a life-threatening illness (or two).

37 thoughts on “I’ll Take “WTF” for 400, Alex

  1. Sorry to hear about your pop, but glad he’s home and better!

    Otherwise, BIG LIKE!


    From: Joselyn’s Brawl with Shulman’s Syndrome [mailto:comment-reply@wordpress.com] Sent: Saturday, February 09, 2013 3:04 PM To: jmheinz1@charter.net Subject: [New post] I’ll Take “WTF” for 400, Alex

    joselynmiller posted: “jeop-ard-y (jep-er-dee): peril or danger 2-36 Jeopardy! (Main Theme) Answer: All of the overwhelming love and support from my family and friends Question: How have I made it through this brawl thus far? ————————————-“


    1. Glad to hear the eyelashes are growing back. You never knew you needed eye lashes until you don’t have them. It’s amazing how they protect your eyes and keep dust and things out of your eyes! Nose hairs are also something I missed when I lost my hair as they protect duat and crap going up your nose! It’s just those small rhings in life we take so for granted. I’m so glad you’re alive and still fighting my friend! EnFU


    2. Glad to hear the eyelashes are growing back. You never knew you needed eye lashes until you don’t have them. It’s amazing how they protect your eyes and keep dust and things out of your eyes! Nose hairs are also something I missed when I lost my hair as they protect dust and crap going up your nose! It’s just those small rhings in life we take so for granted. I’m so glad you’re alive and still fighting my friend! EnFU


  2. Jos,
    Glad one of your answers (aka side effects) was not: mustaches

    What Alex Brabeck and Jos have in common.

    St. Paddy’s day is getting closer and closer


  3. who’s the super stud boom boom angel who’s been thru hell and back and keeps on smiling?

    you my friend!
    such a hero – such a fighter –


  4. I love how you know you are lucky. You are lucky Jos. Interesting how our perspective changes once we have faced a life threatening situation. Who would have thought that anyone would consider themselves lucky after a billion blood and platelet transfusions, 90 days in isolation at COH, endless pokes, prods, procedures, crazy medications and side effects, all of it…. But your brother’s match, great medical care and the love and support of your family and friends puts you in the lucky category. Those of us who love you so much feel lucky too, lucky that you are still here on the planet with us. I know I can speak for a lot of others when I say that we are grateful you are well on your way out of this sh*t storm.
    And by the way, 99.75% – I love that number!


  5. Hey Jos, I’m guessing you won’t be traveling soon, so at least you don’t have to get Yellow Fever and Cholera shots!!! BTW it’s a good thing you love your brother since you are now twins!!! Prayers and love still coming your way!!! Laura


  6. Jos.. You are truly blessed in so many ways… Your unreal parents and brother. Your unreal real husband and children. Your friendships… All because of you … A truly amazing daughter, wife,mother and friend. Lots of love your way today and all tomorrow’s.. Xoxo Karen


  7. Jos,

    What an amazing blog! The reality check and your dad were both so emotional to read…We will add your dad to our prayers for you! It was so exciting to see you walking on the beach today. You look beautiful and fantastic! I was so shocked to see you and sorry if I was intruding! It seemed so natural to see you and Todd and talk about Rex and Mychaela and you both.

    Hope to see you soon and it made my day to see you both on the beach…the day was more beautiful! Thank you again for the gorgeous and special flowers. My dad loved you guys and especially enjoyed watching all the fun Penn League matches with you and your parents! You are in our prayers!

    Xoxo Gretchen

    Sent from my iPhone


  8. Bill Teachout says: You continue to amaze me with the cleverness of thought for each and every blog. Now that your Dad has tried to steal some of the happier scenes you continue to amaze. You have made this whole adventure a wonderful story of family love.


  9. LMFAO 💩at the new post.😃 Jos you are truly fantabulous!!!👍👏 More than 💪 and brilliant 🌃. You will be walking 👣👠 around the town in no time. Can’t wait for you to cross the 🏁 Cheers 🍺 to the best Sister In Law ever!!! Can’t wait to take you out for salad and sushi 🍴🍚🎈🌈🐷 Super 💙💜💗💚 you !!!!😍😘😝


  10. Well I think the filly is in the home stretch and on her way to the biggest win of her life. You have been through hell and made it back Jos. We are so proud of you for putting up such an incredibly courageous fight. As you have sadly witnessed, some people cannot go through what you have been able to endure. Through this difficult odyssey you, Todd, Leason, Leason and Marlene have shown what special people you are. The support and love you have for each other is a beautiful thing. Now it is time for you and your dad to heal. Love Lynn and Carolee.


  11. When planning your travels for 2014, you and Leason may want to consider a trip to Twinsburg, Ohio for their annual Twins Convention. I’m sure sushi and salad abound.

    Answer: Joselyn Miller

    Question: Who is the best blogger on the planet, who blogs while enduring the torture of water-boarded eye lashes?


  12. You really are amazing Joselyn. We are so impressed with your courage and perseverance. Continued good reports on your progress on getting back to your old self! You are one strong woman!!!


  13. You might call it luck. Yours was truly hard emotional and physical WORK!
    “Lucky” it is for those of us who didn’t have to do it, couldn’t help you do it, to see you get better!!!
    Lovely is more like it!
    Everything about your strength and your story and how you could pull us all together collectively is a love story to you.


  14. Loved reading the blog, hated to hear about your floor mate and his wife, stay strong. My love and thoughts are with you and your family.


  15. Joselyn ! I just discovered your blog ! Thanks to Beverly ! I send you a lot of Good energy from Morocco ! KEEP UP IT UP !!!!
    All the VERY VERY BEST !


  16. “Reality Check” is heart wrenching! But your awesome spirit and fighting will power is awe inspiring! Keep up the good fight. We are all in this with you.


  17. Joselyn, You are so creative with your writing and with a great sense of humor. We are cheering you on because you are such a BRAWLER and you have such a great support team. What a combo!

    Michael Cargile | Senior Vice President
    Voit Real Estate Services
    2020 Main Street, Suite 100 | Irvine, CA 92614
    T (949) 263-5338 | F (949) 261-9092
    mcargile@voitco.com | http://www.voitco.com
    License #00491668


  18. My sister told me of you and your postings. I have taken the time to read each and every one of them. I have to say, you are one amazing person. I told my sister I would love to meet you. You are an inspiration to those who are sick as well as healthy people. You attitude is 99 percent of your recovery. You are in my TAP (thoughts and prayers). I learned that from you.
    Madge Massie


  19. Jos,
    You are a true warrior woman you have lead the way for many showing what a strong, courageous woman looks like… You and Todd have demonstrated the beauty of an incredible marriage and partnership.I loved seeing Todd’s show of respect and honor to you “J” .Your beauty and strength will be a forever symbol he will hold with great endearment and love for you.
    I love you Jos all the kids are sending their love as well.
    Jennifer Miller xoxoxox


  20. Answer: LFW (Ask Todd)

    Question: Who is rooting for you and praying for you, though we have never met?

    Keep fighting the good fight, Joselyn, the tough part is behind you, and there are blue skies ahead!!!


  21. Joselyn, I think of you always and am so happy to hear of your progress! You are very blessed and I will continue to keep you and your family in my thoughts and prayers!


  22. Jos,
    You’re profoundly blessed. We’re so elated that you are winning this fight… Your COH friend is in our thoughts. Thank you for giving us the gift of your wit and perspective. Keep writing!


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