Hey Kids!  Does anyone know what time it is???  If the words ‘Howdy Doody’ are coming to mind, you are WRONG! (and kinda old)  The correct answer is:

Thanks, Robin & Scott!
Thanks, Robin & Scott!

I’m excited to NOW have a constant reminder that NOW is the time to do all those things you plan to do ‘someday’!  None of us kNOW when or if ‘someday’ will come, so NOW is the time.  I realize you’re ooooing and ahhhhing over my new watch, but what about those gorgeous, juicy, easily iv-able veins?  I mean, right?  Those beauties are Straight Outta Phlebolomist Paradise, those are.

As you probably know, my friend, Jared is currently creating a smashing documentary about his extraordinary walk across Amarrowca.  He understands the time is NOW.  Right this very second he is making magic, editing the final cut.  Coming soon to a film festival near you!  It’s gonna be heezy fo sheezy.  NOW, turn up your volume and take a 2-minute sneak peek at Amarrowca, the film 🙂

All trailers are not the same and telling them apart can be tricky business.  After carefully studying the images below, click on the trailer that you believe will take you on the most glorious ride:



HINT: This is the one to click – NOW!


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I am a survivor of two extremely rare diseases, thanks to over 100 blood transfusions and ultimately, a bone marrow transplant. My blog,, chronicles my adventures through medical offices, operating rooms, clinics, transfusion centers, hospital transplant floors, victory celebrations, and finally my bucket list items – all with a humorous and sometimes profane twist. My goal is to inspire others not to give up on life or anything else, and to understand that it’s actually possible to enjoy any experience, even battling a life-threatening illness (or two).

13 thoughts on “NOW

  1. Wow. You have my full attention with that trailer. Well done. And I’m glad to see the real Jos being featured. Thought maybe Scarlett Johansen or the likes would play you. Keep us posted when Jared’s documentary comes out. I’ll bring the popcorn. Hope you are doing well and fine. – The Singers


  2. This is just awe-inspiring Jos….with a great big Inspiring. What a young man. He must be related to Job. XOXO Kristi

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  3. What an amazing journey and heartfelt results .. Can’t wait to see it keep us posted . ❤️

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